Glitter and Crime

Vol3 Adventures in Tutus
Glitter and Crime

Join Cloclo and RiRi on another adventure surrounded in mystery and suspicion. CloClo’s favorite bear “Sparkle Bear” is bearnapped by a shadowy figure in the night. With the Detectives in Tutus on the case, this criminal won’t be able to hide for long. Come along on this caper as the girls follow leads and question suspects.

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The Missing Christmas Gift

Excited to announce the new book is out!

The girls are at it again. Follow Cloclo and Riri on another adventure to the North Pole to meet Santa. Dressed in their tutus, they meet elves and reindeer and they take a tour of Santa’s workshop. Will they get caught by an elf and how will they make it home? Find out more in Adventures in Tutus the Missing Christmas Gift.